Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

Family trees for many old Milton families have been added to the site. They provide a place to associate the lives of the people to the history of the town, and provide a lot of insight as to how they influenced the growth and development of Milton. Just click the Families button above to search for people. There is also a "Search Family" button on many of the pages that will take you directly to that person.

The pictures on this site were taken approximately between 1876 and 1936. The initial ones came from two booklets published by the Hastings Printing Co. in 1905 and 1909, which were handed down in our family. These are poorer quality, but show many views of the town and its people that would otherwise be unavailable. Many came from the Milton Historical Society, which has lent me glass slides, stereoscope slides, and printed photos to scan and restore. Others came from books, and are identified as such, with credit to the author.

There are also maps from 1858 and 1870, with the names of the land owners, as well as a map of the area burned in the fire of 1880 and several others.

Special thanks to the late Homer Folk and to George Venios for permission to reference the extensive research contained in their books on the history of Milton.

Starting in 2012, I have been helping the Milton Historical Society to organize and file their extensive collection of artifacts. In return, they have been kind to allow me to borrow and scan many of the old images. All of these required extensive restoration to remove damage and improve the quality of the faded images. Many hundreds of hours have been invested to produce the clear, sharp images that you see on the site. The large ones have been set up on the site in a zoomable format so the details can be seen clearly.