Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

Schreyer Goods and Notions

Schreyer Department Store 35 S. Front Street - Goods and Notions Dept.

William Augustus Schreyer has a long history with this store in Milton. Sons John and Harry succeeded him in the business. William A. Schreyer worked for William Heinen in Milton 1848-1852, returned to Lewisburg, then came back to Milton in 1861 to become part of Heinen, Etzler, Roush & Company.

Schreyer Shoes and China

Shoes and China Departments

On the maps below, from 1858, 1870, and 1884, we see the store in its various stages. On the left (1858), it is labeled W. Heinen, where William Schreyer worked from 1848-1852. By 1870 (center) it is labeled Schreyer, Roush and Company. Finally, on the right (1884), after the fire, we see Heinen, Schreyer and Company. By 1906 it had become the Schreyer Store Company.

Schreyer 1858


Schreyer 1870


Schreyer 1884