Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

Cadwallader Block

Cadwallader Building 12-20 Broadway

This property was owned by Albert Cadwallader. The building was built shortly after the 1880 fire. It runs from the Milton Realty building on Front Street to Elm Street along the south side of Broadway. It contained Milton Real Estate and several other businesses.

Seth Cadwallader, my g-g-grandfather, came with his parents to Milton in 1812, at the age of 16. The family were Welsh Quakers from Horsham, Montgomery Co., PA. Between 1823 and 1854 he was a merchant and partner with Seth Iredell, another Quaker. On March 31st, 1845, he bought this property along Broadway between Front and Elm streets, marked Lot No. 1 on the borough plan, from the estate of Bethuel Vincent. Vincent, an innkeeper, bought it from Andrew Straub on July 12, 1796.

In his will, Seth left the property to his son Hammond and daughter Katherine (McConkey) after the death of his wife Elizabeth (Hammond), who died June 3, 1880. Albert bought Katherine's half ownership on Sep. 17, 1881. On Sep. 2, 1899, he bought his brother's half ownership, making himself the sole owner.

Notice the Moxie sign in the window. The sign was for Moxie Cream Soda. Their ad is shown below.

Albert Cadwallader

Albert Cadwallader

Iredell & Cadwallader ad

Cadwallader Store Ad

Moxie ad

Moxie Ad


Map 1884